Cruisers has quickly become the place to visit,

all roads lead to Cruisers, and one goes right through it.







July 26, 27 & 28!



Food, leather goods, jewelery, patches, boots, bikes, beer,

Camping, Trailers, RV's, Hot Rods:


A Road Runs Thru It

Openned to the public in, 2005

Cruiser's is one of the most unique bar and grill's around, dedicated to the Motorcycle and Hot Rod community.


Cruiser's has a large gathering of motorcycle and Hot Rod enthusiasts, meeting weekly to enjoy the comradery of fellow riders and drivers from various walks of life throughout the US and Canada

Sheri on 2002 Big Dog --------------- " Cruiser the Dog"

Sheri Herberholz is the event co-ordinator for Cruiser's. She has successfully held events for fallen riders and thier families, childrens fund raisers, benefit parties, War Vet gatherings, 911 Steel beam to the West, plus many other events. The Cruiser's Bar & Grill has donated thousands of dollars to various charities through the many events and from the gracious efforts of riders and hot rodders.




Cruiser's Bar & Grill has made a commitment to insuring you have a fun and enjoyable time at Cruiser's. It is known for being able to ride your bike or drive your hot rod thru the centre of the bar. That's right , right through the bar while the patrons are laughing, drinking, singing, and watching you drive thru.

Cruiser's is located at 6105 W. Seltice Way, Stateline Idaho. Accessable off Hwy 90 from either direction by taking Idaho exit #2.